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You may sell your designs here from IMVU if you are a developer. You can come here for contests that will be up. (chances to win credits!!!) You must sign up with your IMVU avatar name so i know who is who.
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You MUST sign up with your IMVU avatar name!

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 What Are Warning Bars? LOOK HERE

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PostSubject: What Are Warning Bars? LOOK HERE   Sun Aug 05, 2012 9:14 pm

Warning bars are as follow:

Default value of 100% is at perfect standing of an account.

75% means you have received a warning.

50% means you have received 2 warnings. At this time, it is best to straiten up your act.

25% means 3 warnings, and you are close to a permanent ban or temporary ban, depending on the situation.

Banned, permanent or temporary, all depends on the offense and such.

Warning's can be given for many things, be sure to follow the forum rules and IMVU rules in this forum.

Please PM me (KissMe) about anything!, May it be questions, help etc..
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What Are Warning Bars? LOOK HERE
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